Through Online Coaching, I am able to help you reach your goals and provide you with the support and accountability that traditional personal training lacks.

Best of all, you get a plan tailored to your schedule and your specific needs. No matter how busy or hectic life gets, there’s always a way to find time for your movement. Together, we’ll make sure of it!

You get everything you need to ensure you get the results you deserve – and for a fraction of the price of traditional personal training.

How does the
Online Coaching process work?


In this crucial first step, we take a holistic approach to explore your current situation in order to start to piece together a plan to help you reach your goals. The types of Initial Assessments may include:

  • Lifestyle Questionnaires
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Habit Tracking
  • Postural Assessments
  • Range of Motion Tests
  • Movement Screens
  • Strength Assessments
  • Body Composition Analysis


Using all of the info I gathered from the Assessments, I develop a Customized Training Plan that is tailored to you, your lifestyle, your goals, your strengths, and also your weaknesses. Every body is different so no two plans will be completely alike. The plan that I design for you will help to increase your strength, improve your quality of movement, and will target your specific goals and issues that need to be addressed. No matter how amazing the Training Plan design, a program will not be successful unless it is:

  • Sustainable - easy to stick with long-term
  • Achievable - fits your schedule and lifestyle
  • Enjoyable - this should go without saying!


Nutrition is an essential part of any training plan. By taking a deep-dive into your current nutritional habits, I will start to implement strategies to build eating habits that help and not hinder your progress. The level of nutritional support provided will be dependent on the coaching plan you choose.

To be 100% clear – I will never give you a meal plan that dictates what you should eat. I am not a believer in meal plans for long-term sustainability, or for short-term enjoyment. I want you to be able to eat the foods that you want to eat. Of course, we do need to examine the quality and quantity of what your diet includes, but the coaching process involves us looking at this together, and figuring out nutritional guidelines that work for you. The key word is always moderation, not restriction.


For those who require a bit more hands-on assistance in developing healthy and sustainable habits, habit coaching is available as part of the Enhanced Movement Plan. You can have the absolute best training and nutrition programs in the world, but if you don’t have the habits formed to follow the programs, progress will never happen – or at least it won’t last.

Together we will identify the habits that you need to build in order to be consistent and accountable in following your program. These are completely unique to each person and take time to build, but through daily tracking and ongoing coaching from me, you can build a solid foundation that will help you not only today, but for the rest of your life.


Having unlimited access to me via the Sanuk Movement Messenger means whenever you have a question or need that extra bit of encouragement, I’ll be there. You can reach out to me 24/7, and I will get back to you usually within a couple of hours (and not more than 24-hours).  For more in depth inquiries and discussions about anything to do with your program or progress, weekly email check-ins will be available.

I will also be reaching out to you to provide you with ongoing coaching materials such as videos, PDFs, links to helpful articles, etc. My job is to provide you with as much support as you need to help you get on track and stay on track.

In the Enhanced Movement Plan, coaching calls will also be available on a bi-weekly basis. These calls give us the opportunity to discuss any obstacles you may be experiencing and push past any plateaus you may have reached. 


Every single item you will need will be available all in one place – the Sanuk Movement web portal where you will login via mobile, tablet, or desktop. Here is where you will find absolutely everything that you will need for your program including:

  • Daily Schedule
  • Training Programs
  • Results Tracking
  • Exercise Video Database
  • Nutrition Guides
  • Messenger
  • Coaching Videos
  • Progress Photos
  • Habit Tracking Sheets
  • All Documents and Forms