What Is the SANUK LIFT program?

An overview of what you’re going to get during our time together.

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1-2-1 Kickoff Call

This call happens after your account is set up and you have completed your initial onboarding forms. The purpose of the call is come up with a support and accountability plan for you to make sure you get the most possible out of the program.

The call also allows us to set clear goals, expectations, and address any questions you may have before getting started in the program.

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Personalized Training Program

Based on your considerations you mention in your onboarding forms, we will build you a customized workout program suited to your body and goals. This will take into account your current ability, exercise preferences, and available workout equipment.

Whether it is home or gym based, the workouts will suit you and your needs. This is updated with progressions throughout your time in the program.

Nutrition Coaching

The nutrition program focuses on education, followed by the step-by-step implementation of simple habits to ensure your nutrition is in alignment with your goals.

You will receive clear targets and strategies for you to be able to hit them. Remember this is not a diet or a restrictive meal plan. Anything goes in moderation!

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Results & Progress Tracking

Each week you will update your results tracking sheet to monitor your progress. Every 4-weeks you will submit progress photos.

In addition to this, you will track your performance during the training sessions and work to make progress of some form each and every week.

Unlimited Support

Your Sanuk Movement account has a built in messenger where you have unlimited access to your coach.

The clients who keep in touch the most and reach out when they are struggling are the ones who have the most success in the program. We’re not the overbearing type, but we are here when you need it.

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Weekly Group Q&A Calls

Each week, you will receive an invite to our group coaching call. On the calls you will have an opportunity to ask any questions you have of your coach and receive guidance and support that you need for any aspect of the program. Every other week, you will receive an invite to our group mindset coaching call.

These calls will be focused on one aspect of mindset and will often involve you doing some actionable work on the calls to improve your own mindset. They are incredibly powerful calls, but also a lot of fun!

Private Facebook Group

This is the place you can share new breakthroughs, frustrations and anything in-between. You will learn from the posts we share, as well as what other members have to contribute too.

We do two weekly check-ins in the group, which are an extra piece of accountability, but also help build a sense of community within the program.

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