Sanuk Movement


Move more. Build strength. Transform your body. Be happy with how you feel and look.

Join the Sanuk Movement: Build a Strong, Fit Body and Resilient Mind

Sanuk Movement was founded by Coach Brent with a mission to help you build a strong, fit, and healthy body in the most enjoyable, optimal, and sustainable way. In the process, you also forge a resilient mind and prove to yourself that you’re capable of incredible things.

Our philosophy in everything we do is based upon the concept of being “sanuk” – a Thai word that means to enjoy life and make the most out of anything that comes our way.

We believe that the health and fitness of your body is an essential part of becoming the best and happiest version of yourself – someone who looks and feels amazing and has the confidence, energy, and drive to live your best life.

Online Coaching to Become Your Best Self

Online Coaching picks up where in-person Personal Training leaves off. While Personal Training is great to help you show up and complete a training session, Online Coaching helps you to make some serious lifestyle changes and to develop strong sustainable habits outside of the gym. Online Coaching isn’t limited by location (we have clients all over the world) or schedules (don’t worry – this isn’t “virtual training” or live Zoom workouts).

With Online Coaching, you get unparalleled support and accountability to ensure you finally reach your health and fitness goals. You get detailed, step by step plans so you know exactly what to do in and out of the gym. You have unlimited access to your coach to answer questions and to help you to navigate the obstacles in your life that are hindering your true potential of achieving your goals. We will be there every step of the way to guide you and hold you accountable to the process.

Most importantly, we teach you the skills, habits, and mindset needed to be accountable to yourself. Our goal is to eventually make ourselves redundant so you can keep making progress all on your own!

Meet the Team

Coach Brent

Coach Juan