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Move more. Build strength. Transform your body. Be happy with how you feel and look.

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Sanuk Movement was created by me, Brent Thompson – a Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, and Thai Yoga Massage Practitioner. My mission and passion is to help you move your body in the most optimal, strong, sustainable, and efficient way possible. I will help you to reach your fitness goals, increase your strength, improve the quality of your movement, and transform your body in the process.

I believe movement needs to be a regular part of your life. I have seen first-hand that a lot of the issues we have in our bodies stem from a lack of movement which has become the norm for the majority of us. Body pain, weight gain, bad posture, chronic fatigue, difficulty breathing, poor sleep, irregular digestion, anxiety, and depression are just some of the major problems that I can help you overcome by making movement an essential part of your life.


Online Coaching picks up where in-person Personal Training leaves off. While Personal Training is great to help you show up and complete a training session, it is lacking for helping you to make some serious lifestyle changes and to develop strong habits outside of the gym that are going to stick in the long run. With Online Coaching, you actually get a whole lot more – and for a whole lot less money than Personal Training! Plus. Online Coaching works around YOUR schedule – no matter how hectic.

With Online Coaching, you get unparalleled support and accountability to ensure you finally reach your fitness goals. I will help you to identify the obstacles in your life that are hindering your true potential of achieving these goals. From there, we devise a plan, and I will be there every step of the way to guide you and make sure you stick with it. In the process, you will develop the skills, habits, and discipline needed to get the results you deserve!